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Carter Business Services

Provider of accounts receivable services since 1950...

About Us

Carter Business Service, Inc. has been providing accounts receivable services since 1950. We are a New England based agency; however our collection services are global. As one of the first collection agencies to be licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Carter Business Services has provided proven results to our clients. We are fully bonded, insured and HIPPA compliant.

Carter clients comprise many prestigious businesses including: 
•Hospitals, Medical Centers, Physicians, Clinics, etc. 
•Banks, Credit Unions, Loan Companies, etc. 
•Colleges and Universities 
•Commercial and Retail Establishments 

Customer service is key to the Carter Philosophy. Although we take great pride in providing outstanding collection recovery, we also prioritize your needs to maintain a good rapport with your customers. We are experienced in all phases of the collection process. In addition we have consistently maintained a 21.1% collection average, 6.1% above the national average listed by The American Collectors Association.

Our staff of experienced collectors are trained professionals that assist debtors in reaching an acceptable payment arrangement. Carter staff is educated on an ongoing basis and is in compliance with the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practice Act). Our goal is to satisfy our clients with both high recovery and impeccable customer service. 

Dependable - Reliable - Professional 

A Track Record of Success:
We have consistently maintained a rate of return that is well above the national average listed by ACA International.


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